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Patient Participation Group

Welcome to The North London Health Centre Virtual Patient Participation Group

We at The North London Health Centre are eager to ensure that our patients are actively involved in deciding how the health services we use should develop. To provide our patients with this opportunity to express their views, we have set up a virtual Patient Participation Group.

The aim of the Patient Participation Group is to give patients, GPs and practice staff an opportunity to exchange ideas and information and then to take action.

Interested in getting involved?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the group, as long as you are registered with the practice and interested in working togther to make positive changes for the practice and its patients.

If you would like to participate in developing local care pathways, we would like to find out your opinions and we would ask you to provide your email address so we can contact you by email every now and again to ask you a question or two.

If you wish to participate please contact the Practice or complete the online form by clicking on the button shown below

OR: if you prefer, you can download the sign-up form below, print it out, fill it in, and post it to the Practice, put it through the letterbox, or hand it to a Receptionist.

Download the pdf version of our sign up form

We aim to acknowledge your request within a few days.

Please note that the PPG cannot become involved in matters of a specifically medical or clinical nature.

PPG Mission and Values

The PPG will aim to achieve the Vision and Mission through:

  1. Working with the GP practice and patients to improve patients’ health.
  2. Engaging and communicating with patients.
  3. Helping GP practices improve the services that they offer to patients.
  4. Empowering patients to have a voice.
  5. Enabling the GP practice to support patients with particular health needs and outreach to community groups where needed.

Potential Activities

  1. Work with the practice to improve patients’ health
  • Conduct and act upon patient surveys
  • Work with patient support and community groups
  • Share good practice throughout the network
  1. Help practice to improve its service
  • Conduct patient surveys and use the feedback to develop new and improved services
  • Collect data on specific health issues to improve services
  • Collect information on services and patients’ communication needs to improve accessibility
  • Support innovation – especially around exploring technology e.g. patient consultations using Skype and text messaging for appointment or test result reminders
  • Use technology to support PPG communications e.g. .e-newsletters, conference calls, webinars
  1. Empowering patients to have a voice
  • Work towards the PPG being representative of the practice demographics
  • Consider meeting at different times or alternative venues
  • Promote good practice amongst PPGs – share what works
  • Use the PPG links to the CCG to raise issues that can’t be dealt with
  1. Enabling the GP practice to support patients with particular health needs and outreach to community groups where needed.
  • Develop the concept of practice champions eg on chronic conditions eg diabetes
  • Link with local third sector organisations to inform and support patients with long term conditions eg dementia
  • Work with other PPGs in the locality to provide information

The next meeting of the PPG will take place on March 25th at 12.15pm if you wish to attend please inform our reception team.

The National Association of Patient Participation

This association aims to promote the role and benefits of PPGs to patients, the public and health professionals, to create more understanding of the value of true patient participation also to promote the support available from N.A.P.P. Find out more about them click here.

The information you supply us will be used lawfully, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. The Data Protection Act 2018 gives you the right to know what information is held about you and sets out rules to make sure that this information is handled properly.