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Welcome to The North London Health Centre

Five Doctors, two training Doctors and three Practice Nurses are based at the surgery and care for the practice population of more than 8600 patients.

Other health professionals such as District Nurses, Community Matrons and McMillan nurses are attached to the surgery and work closely with the doctors to provide patients with a comprehensive, high-quality service.

We aim to provide a high standard of medical care in a friendly and professional manner.  You can help us achieve our aim by reading this guide and following the suggestions made to ensure that appropriate services can be provided when you most need them.

The Practice premises have access routes suitable for patients using wheelchairs or walking aids. All clinical rooms are accessible and we have a lift to the first floor. One of the patients’ toilets, located on the ground floor, is fully equipped for wheelchair users.


Enhanced Access out of hours primary care appointments from 6:30pm-8pm Monday to Friday, and Saturdays 9am-5pm. Find out more >

View the feed below to find out about services and healthcare you can access provided through our primary care network of local practices.

Cover for Enfield South West PCN
Heart attacks can happen to anyone, anywhere. Understanding the symptoms is crucial for timely intervention. Share this post to raise awareness and potentially save a life!Chest Discomfort: - Most heart attacks involve discomfort in the centre of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes or goes away and comes back. It can feel like uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness, or pain.Upper Body Pain: - Pain or discomfort may spread beyond the chest to the arms (particularly the left arm), back, neck, jaw, or even the stomach.Shortness of Breath: - Feeling breathless, especially when it comes on suddenly, can be a sign of a heart attack. It may occur with or without chest discomfort.Cold Sweats and Nausea: - Cold sweats, clammy skin, and feeling nauseous or lightheaded can be indicative of a heart attack. Pay attention to sudden or unexplained feelings of sickness.Unexplained Fatigue: - Extreme fatigue, weakness, or a sudden feeling of overwhelming tiredness, especially if it's out of the ordinary, maybe a sign of an impending heart attack.Dizziness or Fainting: - Feeling dizzy or fainting without any apparent reason could be a warning sign. Seek medical attention if this occurs unexpectedly.What to Do:- Call 999 as soon as you can, or ask someone to call on your behalf- If advised by a healthcare provider, chewing an aspirin can help thin the blood.Share this post to educate others and help everyone to recognise the symptoms and act swiftly. For more information, go to #KnowTheSigns #HeartAttackAwareness ... See MoreSee Less
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If you’re a carer for a child or adult, you can link your NHS App accounts. Use the app to book appointments, view messages and upcoming appointments all in one place.Find out more by visiting: ... See MoreSee Less
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🌟What is a Primary Care Network (PCN)? 🏥💙 🔍Understanding PCNs: A Primary Care Network is a group of local GP practices that work collaboratively to provide comprehensive and integrated care to our community. 💼🤝These networks aim to deliver more personalised, accessible, and efficient healthcare services for you and your loved ones. 🤝Emphasizing Teamwork: At the heart of PCNs are healthcare professionals like GPs, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and other allied health professionals. Together, they form a dynamic team focused on addressing your health needs holistically. 🤗💡 What Our PCN Offers: Our PCN is a prime example of a collaborative healthcare network. We bring together six local GP practices with a shared vision to improve patient care and enhance the health and well-being of our community. 🏥🌟 Bincote Surgery - House Surgery - Surgery - Woodberry Practice - Grove Medical Centre - North London Health Centre -🏋️‍♂️A Stronger Together Approach: By pooling resources and expertise, PCNs can offer a wider range of services, making healthcare more accessible and tailored to your unique needs. 💪🔗For more information about our PCN and initiatives, check out our website: 🌐💻 #PrimaryCareNetwork #collaborativehealthcare #CommunityWellBeing ... See MoreSee Less
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Share your views about proposed changes to maternity & neonatal services in North Central London. Read the proposals and have your say at ... See MoreSee Less
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Looking for incredible days out tailored for everyone? Look no further! Access Great Days Out is your go-to guide for accessible and inclusive adventures. Where is your favourite accessible place to go for a day out? Let us know in the comments below!Accessible Trails and Nature Retreats:‧ Find wheelchair-friendly paths, sensory gardens, and nature spots where everyone can revel in the beauty of the great outdoors.Inclusive Cultural Experiences:‧ Dive into the world of art, history, and culture with accessible museums, galleries, and exhibits for an enriching experience.Historical Sites Made Accessible:‧ Step into the past with accessible castle tours and historic locations, where history comes alive without barriers.Botanical Gardens for All:‧ Immerse yourself in accessible botanical gardens, where vibrant flowers and serene landscapes welcome everyone.Thrilling Accessible Theme Parks:‧ Experience the excitement of theme parks with accessible rides and services for an inclusive day of fun.Dine at Accessible Eateries:‧ Indulge in delectable meals at restaurants and cafes that prioritize accessibility, ensuring everyone can savour the moment.Visit to plan your next accessible day out. Let's create a world where everyone can enjoy unforgettable experiences! #AccessibleAdventures #inclusive ... See MoreSee Less
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Ever wondered about the team that keeps your GP practice running smoothly?You may have only ever spoken to a receptionist, nurse or GP but there are plenty more people behind the scenes making sure you get the healthcare you need!This video gives a fun insight into these roles 😄#GPPractice #healthcare #teamwork ... See MoreSee Less
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Know who to turn to for your healthcare

We want to help you get the right medical assistance when you’re ill, injured or have a long term condition. Going directly to the person with the appropriate skills is important. This can help you to a speedier recovery and makes sure all NHS services are run efficiently.


When you need healthcare advice or help with medicines


Sudden loss of vision. Blurred vision. Painful or red eyes?


When your mouth or teeth need urgent attention

NHS Out-of-hours

When your GP and local pharmacy are closed

Minor injury

You will usually need a GP referral, except in an emergency.

Accident & Emergency

When an illness or injury is serious or life-threatening